The first pink colour themed restaurant with wide range of fusion menu which aim to satisfy every taste bud. Also an instagram friendly place where!






The first pink colour themed restaurant with wide range of fusion menu which aim to satisfy every taste bud. Also an instagram friendly place where!






2019 has been an interesting year for the food and beverages industry, but move aside bubble tea and deconstructed coffee, cause the cool kid in town, your majesty, the pink queen is here.

Not for the Goth Hearted

When it comes to pink, you either go big or you go home, and we are obviously the former and is so ready to flood your Instagram feed with some pink love! Having everything in pink, we hope that it does not only bring out the girly side of you which have been buried deep down to brace the cold world, but we hope that the moment you walk in you will be embraced by a gush of warm and fuzzy feeling, like a big warm hug and hopefully, fingers crossed, spark some love here too. Going all out with pink, Spink definitely does compromise with the design and build it on the basis of princess Barbie’s next playhouse. Its sophisticated design balances the innocence of pink to make it the perfect place for casual dining, corporate meals and even celebrations. With a ceiling full of roses, it adds a tad of romance and elegance to the touch.

Soul Food

Aside from being the next must check in instagrammable spot in town to pink up your monotonous feed, we are also here to bring your taste buds on an adventure. We believe that good food brings people together and we could not be more excited to share this happiness with you. Our food does not only look good, but smells irresistible and tastes fantastic, definitely heightens your senses to a whole new level. They say good food fuels the soul and we are a firm believer of that. Quality is something we emphasize on, thus you can be assured that only the best ingredients are being sourced and every dish is prepared fresh by the kitchen upon order. Our menu is specially curated to ensure that there would be something for every one of you, from lamb chop to fish and chips, and cocktails to dessert, everything cooked to perfection. Certainly a good place to hang out and reconnect with friends and family over excellent food.


Keep Calm and Spin

And you’d think that all wonderful things ends just here? Nope. We have more. To make your dining experience more enjoyable, we have decided to add on a fun element and come up with a spinning machine. Spin and pink, SPINK, get it get it? If you think you are splurging on the food here, wait till you hear this. By putting only RM20 into the spinning machine, you get to spin something off the menu. RM20 for a plate of salmon, not bad. RM20 for a lobster dish, are you kidding me? This is absurd. If you are on a first date and you need something to spice up the night, go to the spin machine. If you cannot decide on what to eat after flipping through the menu for the thousandth time, go to the spin machine. You will never know until you try it. Take a leap of faith and test out on your luck. Of course, this is optional as you can still order your food through the waiter. But, life is too short to not have a little fun and sometimes you do not need a reason to do so, thus, spin on!

So wait no more and come join us on this fun pink adventure, hop on!


Address: The One Terrace Plus 1-1-7, 1-2-7,
Tingkat Mahsuri 5,
Bayan Baru,
11950 Bayan Lepas Penang.

Phone: 04-611 0747